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We are a company called as “Around The Clock Garage Door” and this is our home

We open our doors with warm welcome for all our loyal customers.

What we do is pretty simple and definite. We fix, replace, install and even refurbish your garage doors meticulously with finesse and artistry. Here is a little secret that we will let you in on. A garage takes up about 30% of the out-front space of your house. This means the look of your house to some extent depends on your garage. Getting an elegant garage door will surely seek attention and make your humble abode stand out.

We are a company dealing in garage door installation, replacement, refurbishment and repair based out in Santa Clara. We move forward and work hard with just one aim of serving the people of Santa Clara. Give us an opportunity and know what we are capable of. We are known for are a plethora of garage door designs. Our collections include aluminum garage door, copper door, custom garage door, sectional garage door, steel garage door, automated doors, carriage doors, genie doors, safety beam door, tilt up door and much more.

We as a company thrive to provide impeccable services to our clients around the clock garage door. We train our workers to master the fine art of design and development to gain the craftsmanship and skills needed. Not only our design is state of the art, but we also strive to discover and build radical ideas every day. Are installers and workers are always kept updated with the current security and safety measures. Our workers will be at your disposal at all times. If you are having any troubles with your existing garage doors, if you need a replacement or if you need refurbishment, then just pick up your phone and contact us today and get all your trivial or essential problems revolved.

Here is a list of our provided services:

  • Installation of garage doors
  • Replacement of old ones
  • Refurbishment of existing garage doors
  • Fixing and Repairing of inoperative garage doors
  • Maintenance of garage doors
  • Electronic equipment maintenance and repairs (remotes, keypads etc.)

Contact Us for garage door installations, repairs, refurbishments, replacements and everything about garage doors.

Around The Clock Garage Door
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